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Linda's Art studio is now a private studio for the Artist herself. Each year is now spent painting, piecing quilts, and time spent in her garden of flowers.

The flowers inspire various art work and her art is carried over into her quilts she pieces.

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Hi, welcome to my studio. I have been painting and creating art for over 48 years.

I am married to ElRay Lemoine and we have one son Jerry and daughter - in – law Michelle and one grandson Zachary Lemoine.

 I am retired from the Grant Parish School system of Louisiana, where I taught for 21 years.

 I have had the love of art since I was a small child. I cannot even remember when I did not draw and create, but I became real serious about painting in 1965. I have never stopped learning and trying to improve my skills since that time. “I believe this is a God-given talent and my desire to create something beautiful can only come from Him.”

 I have studied under some very great artist over the years; traveling to many Art Conferences and workshops.

  Linda’s Art Studio is located in Verda, LA at 2157 Hwy. 122, Montgomery, LA 71454.  The studio is now my private work place and is where I taught classes for many years.

In addition to painting I enjoy gardening ,sewing, and making quilts.  

Linda S. Lemoine


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The studio has been closed for weekly classes. There will be seminars taught from time to time, but no weekly classes at this time. The studio has been turned into a private studio for the Artist.

     E-mail me at  be sure and put the number 1 after the studio’s name to reach us.


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Artist Linda S. Lemoine