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What is happening at the Garden?



The Gallery of


 A quilt I made for my grandson Zac Lemoine. This quilt was made for my husband, who enjoys old tractors. The tractors were embroidered on my machine, then pieced into this quilt.

He likes Ford tractors like this one. He likes to collect old fords. This table runner was made for my friend who lives in Missouri. They are big St. Louis Cardinals fans. We are too.



This quilt was made for my home it is called "The Flower Garden"The appliqué' helped dress up this simple quilt.    The boarder is a wave boarder.





Quilting and other projects.

Here I am teaching a lesson on color for our quilt club. The web site for the club is www.crazyquiltersclub.com go by and take a visit.


This purse was made for my daughter-in-law. I monogrammed the pocket on the front.



            This purse was made for a friend.